Changing the life of a few to impact many

Offering Counselling and Mentoring to individuals, adults, adolescents and children using Integrative Counselling, Mentoring and Play Therapy.

About us

Precious Moments and Health Ltd is a company providing those precious moments of support using Integrative Counselling and Mentoring services for adults, families, schools, colleges, GP surgeries, children’s services, youth offending services, children and young people within the community.

Using Integrative Counselling skills we offer the client the opportunity to explore their thoughts and feelings using a variety of therapeutic approaches best suited to the clients’ needs.


For Individuals

  • Integrative Person Centred Counselling

  • Mentoring

  • Play Therapy

  • Mediation

  • Mentoring with Parental Support

For Organisations

  • Working with troubled families

  • Improving NEET outcomes

  • Psychological Interventions

  • Behaviour Management

  • Mentoring & Advice

  • Working with children in care


​Thank you for the opportunity you have given me and the doors that are now open for me. You have made me feel like I can achieve whatever 1 put my mind to.

You will be the one of the few I Will definitely miss! Thank you for sharing your wisdom, your kindness, your tenacity and your fountain o knowledge!

Thank you so much for being my counsellor. with you, I have really enjoyed the sessions I've had with you. I will miss you.


Mauva Johnson Jones

As a Qualified therapist & Therapeutic Mentor, I have a proven track record of working successfully with children with emotional and behavioural problems, helping them to engage better, improve their self-confidence and making them feel better about themselves.

Organisations we’ve worked with

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